Tired of Fake Food Reviews?

So are we...

Some of our best moments have been shared around a table with great food and even better company, and we want to share that feeling with you.

Ziraf’s mission is to bring together a community of pre-vetted foodies to give honest recommendations so that we can all dine better. Our foodies - AKA Zirafers - are people who know what they’re talking about. We scout them out from across London and through social media... and make sure they’re as crazy about food as we are. All this is brought together in one easy-to-use and lovingly designed mobile app.

Our Zirafers contribute top quality reviews, rating restaurants on food, ambience, value for money, service and more. They even recommend the must-try dish of each restaurant… so you get the best food, with the least faff. If it’s not good, it’s not on Ziraf.

Our top features include: regularly-updated menus and opening hours, reservations and take-out.

TL;DR : Ziraf is the honest foodie friend you’ve been looking for. Download below.

Our Story

Put simply, we love food! We’d go to the ends of the earth to hunt down the perfect plate of pad thai or the L'amande fraîche that looks almost too beautiful to eat. Our co-founders connected over food - both having moved to the UK from Malaysia - a country where food is key to the culture. They acknowledged that exploring London can be both exciting and frustrating, particularly when dinner time rolls around. Fueled by their desire to transform London’s dining scene and their love for unique culinary experience, they left the corporate world behind to pursue Ziraf full-time in 2019.

Ziraf comes from ‘Zirafah’, the malay word for giraffe- the tallest animal on Earth. Giraffe’s scan the area for the best food, and that’s what we aim to do too… that’s why the only restaurants on the platform are those worthy of your time and money.

Almost everything has 4 Star reviews nowadays, and many of these venues themselves are "gaming" communities by creating fake reviews or receiving fake reviews from their competitors. If you’ve ever looked for ‘the best’ restaurants in town you’ll know there are, supposedly, hundreds. We know this isn’t the case. With a third of TripAdvisor reviews being outed as fake, we’re increasingly aware that not all reviews are reliable (The Times).

We decided to help everyone make better choices when it comes to eating out. Coupled with a smart algorithm, our handpicked foodies (chefs, food bloggers and Instagrammers) share real life, first class, honest reviews on London's great restaurants. The Zirafer community is invite-only, focusing on quality over quantity, always.

Our Restaurateurs and Chefs

To keep the cycle of value flowing, we are offering restaurants feedback on their establishments from our users. It’s assessed privately to filter out fake reviews by competitors, and to protect the aim of any good feedback - constructive change.

We also love to learn about the people behind the food - whether that be the journey to your first Michelin star, or the story behind the stall - get in touch to share your story.


Zirafers, who are they?

A hand-picked, pre-vetted community of foodies- chefs, bloggers and Instagrammers - referred to as ‘Zirafers’. They are the foodie friend you always ask for tips on where to eat next. Ziraf allows them to share their considered, real-life, honest reviews on London's great restaurants.

We select Zirafers whom values align with Ziraf. They are:

  • Independent: Zirafers aren’t paid by restaurants to share their thoughts with us… so they write what they want, not what we want. So you can rest assured that these are their honest opinions. They put their reputation on the line if what they recommend isn’t honest.
  • Passionate: Zirafers go great lengths to find hidden gems in town. Whether we’d asked them to or not, they’d be out there hunting down the best London has to offer.
  • Niche: Our Zirafers are experts in their own cuisines. Hear about the most authentic Korean joint from a Korean food blogger or the best family Italian from an Italian chef…

Get Involved, Share your Passion for Food

Our community of Zirafers is ever expanding. If you are a foodie, chef or food critic and enjoy finding new restaurants, cafes or street vendors we’d love to chat and share your reviews and recommendations. Drop us an email at family@zirafapp.com.

Being a Zirafer means joining a passionate foodie community that loves sharing the inside scoop on the city's food scene!

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