The Team Behind Ziraf

Paul Aron Thomas, Ziraf Co-Founder

Paul Aron Thomas

CEO & Co-Founder

Paul has responsibility for strategic alignment and day-to-day management of our business. Paul honed his entrepreneurial skills whilst being part of 2 business start-ups before setting sail by starting Ziraf. Paul studied Accounting and Finance at Warwick Business School where Ziraf was awarded “start-up of the year” and led the Ziraf team who was awarded the “Young Leader Award” by Reload Greece.

Tan Chien Yin, Ziraf Co-Founder

Tan Chien Yin

COO & Co-Founder

Chien Yin, also known as CY, is a ‘foodie influencer’ herself, having previously worked in the finance industry as an advisor, specialising in banking and capital markets. She uses her experience in social-media coupled with finance background to engage and manage our Zirafer community and assist marketing and financial aspects of the company.

Brenda Ong, Ziraf Director of Growth and Enablement

Brenda Ong

Director of Growth and Enablement

Brenda holds responsibility for Ziraf's overall business development strategy. Her background as a financial analyst and management equipped her with the knowledge to implement plans across different channels to drive growth and expansion in the company. Brenda works collaboratively with our design and content management team. She is also responsible for engaging with external parties. She also brought her foodie knowledge from Melbourne (her home) to expand further in Europe's food scene.

Khaw Jian Zen, Chief Technology Officer

Khaw Jian Zen

Chief Technology Officer

Coming from a tech background, Jian Zen strategises the technological side of Ziraf as well as developing the IT architecture and software. Being a seasoned software developer, he offers guidance and software development and leadership expertise to bring Ziraf's infrastructure and services constantly up-to-par.

Martin Van Vuuren, Investor Director

Martin Jansen Van Vuuren (CGMA)

Investor Director

Treasury, liquidity and change management professional with over two decades of proven business development track record in the finance, accounting and banking industries. He is a Business Angel, having invested in a number of successful early stage business start-ups and founder and trustee of the charity, Raising Foundations. Martin is the lead investor and adds gravitas to the Ziraf team, bringing with him extensive governance and operational experience and hands on guidance.